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Jellyfish is a smartwatch + smartphone application that incorporates elements of gamification, and takes advantage of the immediacy of mobile-device interaction, in order to encourage greater self-awareness and positive coping mechanisms for those struggling with anxiety.

Project Details

Time Frame Team Members
6 weeks 3
Personal contributions
  • Secondary Research
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Documentation
  • Visual Design
  • Concept Development
  • User Flow
  • Interface Design


Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the US.

Not everyone seeks professional help. Mental health apps have become an increasingly popular means of self-help, but most do not utilize principles from clinically proven anxiety treatments, tailor to individual needs, or promote an understanding of the causal relationship between actions and emotions.


We conducted research in behavior change and elements of game design, and looked more deeply into our topic of anxiety. We began with a literature review on behavior change, elements of gamification and anxiety. To further our understanding we conducted a Social Media Scan and made a Mind Map of the problem space. After our initial research we also conducted a competitive assessment of current Mental Health Apps.

Use clinically proven methods

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a clinically proven effective treatment for anxiety and depression. Many of the mental health apps we examined did not use clinical methods and none of them were clinically tested for effectiveness.

For a nonclinical population

It is important to be discreet and protect users' privacy because anxiety and mental health can be sensitive topics. Some people don't seek professional help because of the stigma of mental illness, so many people turn to self-help applications.

Acknowledge co-morbidity

Those suffering from anxiety may have other conditions as well. In social media, depression is the most commonly associated hashtag with anxiety. This map shows other hashtags that are shared by both anxiety and depression, as well as the strengths of their associations.


We generated a wide variety of concepts for coping with anxiety, and narrowed them down based on their viability, feasibility, and whether they could be adapted to work with elements of gamification.

Final Concepts

In a moment of anxiety, people can record thoughts, feelings, triggers, and observe how these affect their subsequent behaviors, thoughts and feelings. This is one of the principle tenets of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

With mobile technology, people can journal their thoughts in a mobile app journal wherever they are.


A person suffering from a panic attack or other form of emotional distress may not have the time or ability to journal their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

The user can tap a wearable device that will record the time, place and possibly even photographic data when their anxiety is being triggered. By tracking the time and location of anxiety, they can later review what happened in those situations or analyze larger patterns in their anxiety data.

Positive thinking

Anxiety often overwhelms a person’s life. This can make it hard to remember the positive thoughts, interactions, and events in one’s life and lead to a cycle of depression.

People can journal their positive thoughts, interactions, and events in a mobile app journal. This journaling can help track what makes a person happy and remind the individual of happy events that have occurred.


As part of the refinement process, we developed a story of how the product could be used. It begins with a wearable device. A person suffering from a panic attack or other form of emotional distress may not have the time or ability to journal their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Tapping the wearable device allows them to capture data that they can reflect upon later.


After finalizing our concepts, we produced sketches and flow diagrams that would include possible features:

E-mote record with contextual information

A place to record mood

Journal of positive events

Information visualization of usage history





We developed some high fidelity mockups to showcase the apps' functionality and show the color and feel of the UI. This scheme was chosen to be calming, but not sedating.

  • Complete the journal entry or start a new one.
  • See New Entries logged from the wearable device and Past Entries in List or Calendar View.
  • See detailed location data of the new entries.
  • Record your thoughts via touchscreen keyboard or by voice recording.
  • Complete a Mindfulness assessment of your current feelings.

Choose a mood and set magnitude rating.

Preselect categories in Settings > Presets on Mobile UI.

Option to record thoughts as soon as episode occurs with speech-to-text.

Captured data and user input from E-mote syncs to mobile device.