I’m a UX designer and researcher with a background in cognitive science and computational modeling. My understanding of human cognition influences how I collect and interpret user data to make informed design decisions.


Not all problems have solutions, but all design solutions have problems. Humans have different needs and expectations; what is beneficial to one person may be a problem to someone else. Reaching a user-empowering design requires making compromises and asking “Who am I helping? Who am I hindering?” It’s my job to find optimal solutions, and at the center of all my decisions are the people I’m designing for.


I used to work as a research assistant at UCLA where I designed and built screen-based experiments for testing computational models of human cognition. My frustration with my experiments' interfaces failing to indicate how participants should enter responses or perform tasks led me to the field of interaction design.

I've recently completed a master's degree in human-computer interaction at University of Washington. I would like to apply what I've learned of interface design and information visualization to the design of academic experiments, education, inclusive design, and tool development.


Apart from work, I enjoy visiting national parks, zoos, aquariums and other wildlife preserves. I like many different kinds of music, especially folk music from all over the world! I go to shows whenever I can. I am always eager to learn new things or talk about what interests me. I may hold strong opinions, but I enjoy learning from others with opposing viewpoints.